Survivors of Child Abuse

When using affirmations it is important to understand a few things. There is much more to the use of affirmations than simply saying a positive statement a few times. This is how many people will use affirmations, and unfortunately will lead to little or no positive results. Affirmations can and do provide some astounding results when used correctly.

One of the first things people need to be made aware of is that you must do more than simply say the affirmation. When stating the affirmation you must also feel that it is true and believe in it. Yes, in the beginning, this is often a lie, but it is necessary to produce the desired outcome. The second thing is that the affirmation must be said out loud. Saying it mentally, in one's head, does absolutely nothing. Spoken out loud it begins to take hold and the vibration of the words along with the energy of the belief and feeling will begin to set up a pattern in your body that supports the affirmation.

The next thing is that when using affirmations, you need to use them 1 to 2 times every single day for a minimum of 30 days. Another mistake many people make with affirmations is that they believe more is better, but with affirmations this is certainly not true. The affirmations should only be said a maximum of 2 times per day. Any more than this ends up in effect "watering down" the meaning of the affirmation, and it loses its power. It is also vitally important to continue saying the affirmation every single day for the full 30 days. This is because in the beginning, as I said earlier, the affirmation is a lie, or, more accurately, the body and the personality perceive the affirmation as a lie. What begins to happen is that over the course of the 30 days the pattern, which began as a "lie" begins to become the truth of the personality. The body and the consciousness begin to accept this belief and this pattern as its own and as its truth, and likewise begins to reject the old programming. After the 30 days the pattern has begun to take hold in the energy field and in the belief structure of the person. Too many people quit during this time period because they don't see the quick results that they desire. As with any belief that has formed over a period of time, often years, it takes a while to reprogram your belief structure in a more positive manner. This is why the full 30 days is of extreme importance to the process.

Be selective: Work with 3 to 4 affirmations at a time. When you accomplish one of them, go back to your list and work toward reaching another goal. Here are some examples of positive affirmations :

I am a good person.

I am made in God's image.

I am intelligent.

Today I will put all negativity behind me.

I am loved.

Today I will rejoice in my abilities.

I have many talents.

God loves me.

Today I have confidence.

I look forward to each new day.

I no longer feel the need to control others.

I affirm my worth and goodness.

I am a loving person.

I am a strong person.

I am a friendly person.

I am a capable person.

I am emotionally calm.

I respect myself.

I feel happy.

I am at peace with myself.

I am a responsible person.

I can be playful.

I can trust all of my thoughts and emotions.

I trust people.

I make decisions confidently.

Today I am a new person.

I touch those near me with love and gentleness.

I have a new awareness in my life.

I acknowledge my needs.

I allow God to enter my life today.

I trust in the serenity my God provides.

I am calm and tranquil.

I can face my fears and work to overcome them.

I take full charge of my life today.

I let serenity flow into my life.

I feel appreciated today.

I can give to others with no strings attached.

I accept my parents and affirm my independence from them.

I am independent.

I can meet new opportunities without fear.

I am alert.

I am joyful.

I will seek out friends today.

I am a friendly person.

I am a good listener.

I look for new challenges.

I feel complete today.

I feel great hope.

I feel great potential for myself.

I feel surrounded by love.

I can make things happen.

I feel relaxed.

I am a resourceful person.

I am tactful in my dealings with others.

I am learning to express my love.

I feel good about myself.

I express my feelings.

I make wise choices.

I treat myself with kindness and patience.

I am an important person.

I am beginning to establish my limits.

I am in charge of my life.

I forgive myself and others who have hurt me.

I am a friend to myself.

I can enjoy leisure without guilt and anxiety.

I can express my anger openly, honestly and appropriately.

Today I view my childhood without shame.

I open my heart to my inner child.

I can handle criticism with ease.

Mending Ourselves, Survivor's Of Child Abuse
Sincerely, Dorine
Founder (March 1999), President

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